Hi, I’m Helen and I’m a Midlife Growth & Empowerment Coach!

I’m here to help you avoid the dreaded midlife crisis and to navigate the major life changes that can beset us in our fifties and beyond.  Now is the time to take back control and design a future that inspires you.

Are you…

  • Stuck in a rut?
  • Dreading the next big birthday?
  • Worried about your future?
  • Feeling confused and unsure?
  • Struggling with the menopause or other health issues?
  • Losing your confidence?
  • Experiencing loss?
  • Feeling anxious, fearful or vulnerable?
  • Dissatisfied with the way your life is going?
  • Longing to feel relevant, vibrant and fulfilled?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time we talked.  I offer a free, half-hour consultation so you can discover what coaching will do for you.

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The older you get, the more amazing, powerful, wise and beautiful you become.

Helen Tovey  x

From where you are now, it may seem almost impossible to imagine a vastly different life, but I promise you it is possible and it’s easier than you think.  Any of the situations mentioned above are great catalysts for change and I’m here to guide you through a gentle process of self-discovery and renewal.  We will take a holistic look at all aspects of your life so that you can decide where you want to focus for maximum impact, and then we will begin your journey of transformation.

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Vibrancy is the real source of attractiveness in another person, the world sees your energy.

Helen Tovey  x

What my clients say…

Helen was a very good listener. I found the sessions very useful and was able to draw on the various techniques outside of the meetings to really explore some of my beliefs and values. As a result of the coaching I’ve been able to reset my expectations of the future and have reframed my longer term goals.


Helen is a compassionate coach who helped me understand the value of getting to know myself more deeply. I have started on an amazing coaching journey with Helen that has deepened for me in helping me overcome my limitations. I look forward to continuing the work with her.


Working with Helen has been thought provoking and so helpful. Helen’s calm and patient approach creates a space that feels safe to talk. I’ve been able to explore things I usually find difficult, and always felt listened to and truly heard. I gained new perspectives and this really has felt powerful.


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Helen Tovey Coaching

A bit about me…


Life is a journey.  No-one gives you a map, a compass, navigation skills or essential equipment…every one of us is following an individual path in our own unique way, wondering if we’re getting it right, and eventually settling into something that is often not what we truly want.  We can look back and think “if only…” or we can embrace the future with a determination to mould it for the better.

Coaching is all about looking forwards, figuring out where you want to be and how to get there but, more often than not, we have to shake off aspects of our past in order to do that.  This doesn’t mean denying things that have happened, but we can reframe the way that we are holding those memories so that they become more enabling for us in the present.  In some cases, we need to replace less helpful beliefs with more helpful ones, in order to better resource ourselves for the outcomes we want to achieve.

My journey to where I am now has been anything but straightforward and I’ve spent a lot of time wishing I had done many things differently.  However, all my experiences have shaped the person I am now, and equipped me to be a half-decent human being…at least, I think so!

Like me, you will have made your way in the world to where you are now, and chances are it’s not quite where you wanted to be, and that’s fine.  I have many resources and tools that could help you, or maybe it’s just a regular dose of inspiration that you’re after – either way I’d love you to sign up to my mailing list so we can keep in touch.

I’ve always had a passion for helping others as well as an interest in the power of the mind, so it’s been hugely rewarding for me to be able to bring the two things together in my coaching business.  Prior to being a coach, I worked in the corporate environment for over thirty years, predominantly in learning and development.

I am married with two sons, having had the second one at age 46 (making me older than some of the grandparents at my son’s school, but I don’t care!).  I have scoliosis and spinal fusions, which can limit my physical abilities but I try to find ways of doing the things I enjoy.  The disfigurement of my scoliosis has taught me some hard lessons about confidence and self-worth, and some days are still harder than others, but fortunately I can fall back on many of my coaching tools to get me through.  I love cats, puzzles and games, heavy rock music and jazz, yoga, meditation, and the odd bit of light jogging.  I volunteer in my local community and I am a governor at my local primary school.

I am accredited as a Practitioner Coach with the IAPC&M (International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring), and a certified NLP Practitioner.  I also have a diploma (distinction) as a Body Healing Coach.

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Let’s connect…

I love to share great resources from time to time – sign up now to be included!

If you don’t feel ready for coaching yet, it’s a great way to learn some tips and boost your motivation.

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Let’s connect…

I love to share great resources from time to time – sign up now to be included!

If you don’t feel ready for coaching yet, it’s a great way to learn some tips and boost your motivation.