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Life is a journey

Life is a journey. No-one gives you a map, a compass, navigation skills or essential equipment…every one of us is following an individual path in our own unique way, wondering if we’re getting it right, and eventually settling into something that is often not what we truly want. We can look back and think “if only…” or we can embrace the future with a determination to mould it for the better. My journey to where I am now has been anything but straightforward and I’ve spent a lot of time wishing I had done many things differently.
However, all my experiences have shaped the person I am now, and equipped me to be a half-decent human being…at least, I think so!

It was at the age of about 13 that I was diagnosed with scoliosis. In fact, I had a double curve and it was progressing quickly, leading to posture and breathing problems. The first stage of my treatment was something called halo-pelvic traction, which was supposed to straighten out my spine as much as possible.

If you don’t know what’s involved, look it up – it’s quite barbaric really, reminiscent of a medieval torture contraption! That was followed by spine fusion surgery and an awful lot of time living in plaster cast jackets. Unfortunately, all of this treatment still left me with an asymmetrical spine, uneven hips, a differential leg length and a sizeable rib hump on my right side.

Despite my worries about how my back looked, I was determined to live as “normal” a life as I could, always careful to choose clothes that would hide my disfigurement as much as possible. I had a fairly successful thirty-plus years career in the corporate environment where I found myself drawn towards helping others develop and grow. Following early retirement, I decided to pursue this passion and I set up my coaching business specialising in body confidence. Through personal experience, I’ve found that the route to body confidence involves a lot of mindset work and perseverence. However, the real game-changer in how I coach has come with my NLP certifications and training in a technique called Core Transformation, giving me an amazing set of tools to help my clients achieve life-changing outcomes.

My experiences with scoliosis have taught me some hard lessons about confidence and self-worth, and some days are still harder than others, but when the doubts and insecurities crop up, I am now able to deal with them and move on.

Why not let me help you on your journey to better body confidence?

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