This year has been quite a journey for me on the professional front, particularly in terms of my learning and my qualifications (more about that can be found in my August blog).  As such, I have made the decision to realign my coaching business around personal excellence…

I believe everyone has the power to achieve greatness and every business has the right to employ great people, which is why I’m passionate about helping individuals unleash their full potential and achieve extraordinary success in both their personal and their professional lives.  Body confidence has been my main focus up to now and, whilst that is still a hugely important area that many people struggle with, I feel it’s been preventing me from attracting clients who are already doing ok but want to be even better, as well as clients who are stuck for reasons other than body image.

Coaching is incredibly beneficial for two types of people: those who are stuck and those who want to make a big leap.  I love working with both.  Stuckness tends to happen when we get in our own way – we have limiting beliefs, we self-sabotage, we don’t think we’re deserving of success, we don’t know how to go about getting what we want, or we don’t even know what we want but we know it’s something different to how things are now.  Leaping is about taking that next step up to something even greater.  And either scenario can be related to a person’s professional life or their personal interests (the one often spills over into the other anyway).

Although I’m focusing on personal excellence, body confidence is something that I am still able to support clients with, as well as a variety of topics that you can find listed on my Coaching page.  If you’re not sure whether I can help you, just book a free discovery call and ask me.