Helen is a fantastic coach. She took the time to provide details, T&C’s etc, plenty of time in advance of the session. She was great at building a rapport and making me comfortable in the Zoom session. I was asked to give a description as to what is causing me angst and she suggested a couple of techniques we could utilise to help with the situation in regard to reduce my repeated and unhelpful thoughts. I was then led through the one I thought would be most helpful to me initially at least and she then led me through an exercise with the chosen technique using a very inclusive coaching style. She encouraged me to think about my preferred outcome which really helped. The time really flew and I felt much better about the situation after the session. She was calm, professional and supportive throughout. The session was extremely helpful and really helped me reset my mindset and thoughts around the issue I am dealing with. I very highly recommend Helen as a coach, her expertise, experience and understanding was first rate.